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ST:TOS #21: Tomorrow is Yesterday - Title Image [PNG] Previous Next | Votes: 13 | Points: 6.38 | Log On to vote
Tomorrow is Yesterday
Stardate 3113.2
Star Trek: The Original Series, episode 21 (1.20)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

William Shatner   IMDB   Captain James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy   IMDB   Lt. Commander Spock
DeFobest Kelley   IMDB   Lt. Commander Leonard H. McCoy
James Doohan   IMDB   Lieutenant Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
George Takei   IMDB   Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
Nichelle Nichols   IMDB   Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
Guest Cast:
Roger Perry   IMDB   Captain John Christopher
Hal Lynch   IMDB   Air Police Sergeant
Richard Merrifield   IMDB   Webb
John Winston   IMDB   Lieutenant Kyle
Ed Peck   IMDB   Col. Fellini
Mark Dempsey   IMDB   Air Force Captain
Jim Spencer   IMDB   Air Policeman
Sherri Townsend   IMDB   Crew Woman
Bruce Mars   IMDB   Air Force Policeman
Alexander Courage   IMDB
Michael O'Herlihy   IMDB
D.C. Fontana   IMDB
Laser Disc   ST:TOS LaserDisc Volume 09
DVD   ST:TOS DVD Volume 11
The Original Series Teaser #21: Tomorrow is Yesterday

After an encounter with a black hole, the Enterprise is hurled backwards in time to the 20th Century and in Earth orbit. There they are photographed by the Air Force's Captain Christopher, who is flying by in his jet when the starship enters the atmosphere momentarily. Kirk has the craft placed in the ship's tractor beam, but it proves too frail and breaks up. Christopher is brought aboard before the fatal moment, and is the world's first man to see the future.
When the U.S.S. Enterprise is thrown into a time warp by a black star, it ends up orbiting Earth in the 20th century. Omaha Air Base detects a peculiar UFO and sends a fighter plane, manned by Captain John Christopher, to investigate.

The starship accidentally destroys the plane, caught in their tractor beam, so the pilot is beamed aboard. The problem now, of course, is to prevent Captain Christopher from returning to tell others on Earth. In order not to change history, in which Christopher's son will prove important, Kirk must return the captain to Earth without knowledge of the ship.

In an attempt to remove all records of the U.S.S. Enterprise sighting, Kirk and Sulu beam down to the air base. Kirk is almost immediately captured by the Air Police, though Sulu manages to escape and gets the stolen records to the U.S.S. Enterprise. Spock and Captain Christopher beam down to help get Kirk away from the Air Police. At the same time, an Air Police Sergeant has been accidentally caught in the U.S.S. Enterprise's transporter beam and is reeling as he finds himself on a 23rd-century starship.

Spock and Scotty manage to recreate the conditions of the time warp that brought them to this time, with a slingshot effect around the Sun. The confused Air Police sergeant is returned to Earth a second before he was transported to the Enterprise, so he will remember nothing of his astounding experience, and the starship returns to the 23rd century.

This time, the pilot sees nothing and the Air Force concludes that the sighting was a mistake... a UFO. In effect, everything that had happened, never happened.
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